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18 August 2010

Ève Gravel dress, Jupon Pressé shop

New dress at Jupon Pressé shop, Quebec city, by Ève Gravel. Her spring summer collection is worth the click (watch out there’s music on her page…) !

Found at Jupon Pressé facebook page.

18 August 2010

DIY Lego DJ Desk

DIY Lego DJ Desk.

Found at The Cool Hunter.

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18 August 2010

Patternity Tights

Found at

18 August 2010

127 House by Suppose Design Office

In this blog, you will be introduced to a lot of small urban houses… I’m a bit obsessed by how to live smaller but better, with unique detail and space qualities that can only appear in a constrained situation.

I will post here soon an abstract of the essay (and project) I wrote (and design) as my final thesis of the architecture master I completed last year. It was called “Stenosis, dwelling the narrow”, and it was all about those interstitial homes. I always found these kind of dwellings interpellant and intriguing; you can never know where the process of fitting livable spaces into tiny city gaps, squeezed by its surroundings, will lead you. There’s no choice: new ideas must pop.

You’ll see also a lot of “figurative” architecture here, as I used to call it. Unconsciously imitating human or animal postures and mimics, architecture becomes friendly, and when pushed to the limits of the miniature, architecture become a “pet”. There’s a Japanese book about this subject, by Atelier Bow-Wow: Pet Architecture Guide Book.

The project posted here reminds me of some dwellings I designed last year; the interiors shown are quite interesting. It’s a project of Suppose Design Office, 127 House ; one of my favorite architecture offices these days.

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