127 House by Suppose Design Office

In this blog, you will be introduced to a lot of small urban houses… I’m a bit obsessed by how to live smaller but better, with unique detail and space qualities that can only appear in a constrained situation.

I will post here soon an abstract of the essay (and project) I wrote (and design) as my final thesis of the architecture master I completed last year. It was called “Stenosis, dwelling the narrow”, and it was all about those interstitial homes. I always found these kind of dwellings interpellant and intriguing; you can never know where the process of fitting livable spaces into tiny city gaps, squeezed by its surroundings, will lead you. There’s no choice: new ideas must pop.

You’ll see also a lot of “figurative” architecture here, as I used to call it. Unconsciously imitating human or animal postures and mimics, architecture becomes friendly, and when pushed to the limits of the miniature, architecture become a “pet”. There’s a Japanese book about this subject, by Atelier Bow-Wow: Pet Architecture Guide Book.

The project posted here reminds me of some dwellings I designed last year; the interiors shown are quite interesting. It’s a project of Suppose Design Office, 127 House ; one of my favorite architecture offices these days.

Found at archdaily.com.


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