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23 August 2010

Jing Q. look of the day

A look shared by Jing Q., from Hannover on Love the red papercase style.

Found at

23 August 2010

Pushed Slab by MVRDV

A new concept project of MVRDV, called Pushed Slab, in Paris, France.

To create this urban window and to enhance the urban quality of the neighbourhood, the slab is “pushed” until it breaks, then twisted and pushed to the south. This pushing act creates a distortion of the floors, offering multiple terraces which can be directly accessed from the work areas as well as from the external staircases. The urban window offers a large terrace on the second level. The terrace and the balconies will be furnished with trees planted in large pots, offering employees a friendly environment to relax. The building has two faces: a calm side in dialogue with the urban fabric of the north side of Paris, and a more dynamic side facing south, rectangular to the boulevard. The building is wrapped in a skin of wood. The windows form a rhythmic ribbon, offering optimal sunning and light control of the inner spaces.

Found at Architizer.

23 August 2010

Yago Hortal colors

I love Yago Hortal paintings so much ! I want badly one of these paintings on my walls ! Vibrant colors.

Pp39. acrylic on paper. 29’7×42 cm. 2009

P70. acrylic on canvas. 60×60 cm. 2009

P50. acrylic on canvas. 60×60 cm. 2009

P27. acrylic on canvas. 73×60 cm. 2009

Pp27. acrylic on paper. 42×29’7 cm. 2009

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