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29 September 2010

Lindsey Wixson for Barneys – Fall 2010 Catalogue by Walter Pfeiffer

Here are my favorite pages of the new Barneys Catalogue… To see more pages, go to Fashion Gone Rogue.

Found at Fashion Gone Rogue.

27 September 2010

The Twins by Jonathan Hobin

This image, The Twins, is part of the exhibition In the Playroom, by Jonathan Hobin.

Ottawa, Ontario, August 26, 2010 – Dale Smith Gallery is pleased to present In the Playroom, a stunning new series by Ottawa photographer and art director Jonathan Hobin. This is Jonathan’s second solo exhibition at the Gallery: his first show, Mother Goose (March 2009), was a resounding success.

In the Playroom: The Twins
2010, Pigment on archival fibre paper
31″ x 36.5″ / 78.75 cm x 92.7 cm (framed size)

Found at Dale Smith Gallery website.

27 September 2010

Koltso Urala corporate identity by Art Lebedev Studio

Art Lebedev is one of my favorite design studio so far… They create a lot of good stuff (like their laser clock, Reflectius…). Here’s there last project of graphic design : the corporate identity of Koltso Urala bank, one of the first commercial banks in Sverdlovskaya Oblast, Russia.

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27 September 2010

It’s Nice That issue #4

I hope you all know It’s Nice That by now. This Friday, they’ll launch It’s Nice That Issue #4. It’s like the printed version of their website but actually much more. There will be interviews with Nick Knight, Neville Brody, Miranda July, Trokia, RBG6, Noma Bar and Bompas & Parr, features by Sara De Bondt, Adam Buxton, Adrian Shaughnessy, Jez Burrows, Mike Lemanski, Peter Nencini and Micah Lidberg as well as tons of work from the likes of Michael Landy, Rui Teneiro, Peter Grundy and more.
If you pre-order your copy by Thursday evening, you’ll receive a free screenprint by James Jarvis. I’ve already reserved a spot on my bookshelf next to the other 3 issues.
100% recommended by today and tomorrow!

100% recommended as well by bingbangpouf. Click here to see the pre-order video.

Found at todayandtomorrow.

27 September 2010

Elephant Magazine no 4 – out now

Elephant is a relatively new publication (winter 2009) from the team of Frame (interior design) and Mark (architecture), with this time a focus on contemporary art, graphism and design (visual culture, as they say). The magazine is divided into five parts: meetings, research, studio visits, economies and cities.

To see the first pages :

Found at

27 September 2010

Fendi at Milan Fashion Week

I like this last show of Fendi. Simple and excentric at the same time.

Approaching the spring season with a refined mix of voluminous silhouettes paired with tailored separates, Fendi brings a certain casualness to its latest showing. Not afraid to play with color or shape, the new season gives birth to exaggerated sleeves and a crisp color palette including orange, navy and teal.

Found at Fashion Gone Rogue.

26 September 2010

Communication prothesis by Sascha Nordmeyer

Communication prosthesis is a unique object designed by sascha nordmeyer which aims to communicate
for its user. the object is a small, rigid red circle which is inserted into a user’s mouth. once installed,
the prosthesis holds the mouth open and forms strange expressions. nordmeyer describes the project
as a research concept that is ‘the ultimate communication tool’. in addition to the device itself,
nordmeyer also created this series of photographs featuring various professionals such as a politician,
a midwife, a craftsman and an actress wearing the prosthesis. the pictures and the prosthesis are both
available in limited editions.

Found at designboom and It’s Nice That.

26 September 2010

Tokyo Apartment by Sou Fujimoto

Here is a new house by Sou Fujimoto, the same architect who made the Final Wooden House project (posted here a month ago…).

The Tokyo Apartment building by Sou Fujimoto consists of five dwelling units. Each one of them has two or three independent rooms in a prototypical “house” shape. […]

The concept :

The final project :

Found at todayandtomorrow.

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