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1 September 2010

David Foldvari drawings

I’m reading a russian book translated french (yes, that’s my mother langage) these days (La Soif, Andrei Guelassimov) and the illustration on the cover is very interesting. Here are some other illustrations by the same artist, David Foldvari. I love the way he transmits boredom and pissed off attitudes.

The first one is the cover of the book I was talking about.

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1 September 2010

Congratulations by MGMT

There’s something about the MGMT videos… the last one, Flash Delirium, was exploring a weird world of old people, eels and uneasiness. This one bring back the Dark Crystal movie aesthetic, with a hint of Dali. Directed by Tom Kuntz. And, hum, just enjoy… do not try to understand something out of it !

Found at MGMT page.

1 September 2010

The Snow by Tokujin Yoshioka

A snowstorm in a glass box… Japanese people know how to miniaturizes everything. This project is actually a 15 meters long tank of white flying feathers, and is part of an exhibition called Sensing Nature at Mori Art Museum, Tokyo. By Tokujin Yoshioka. Click here to see the vimeo movie.

If you don’t know much about this designer, you should take the time to see another video of him, an installation he made for Maison Hermès.

Found at journal du

1 September 2010

Pause by Özant Kamaci

A serie of photos by Özant Kamaci, from Toronto, Canada. The “pause” effect is indeniable.

Found at booooooom.

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