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31 October 2010

Vogue Beauty Italia cover shoot by Miles Aldridge – october 2010

J’aime bien le look beige-workaholic-poupée-de-cire-store-horizontaux-yeux-vides de ces photos de Miles Aldridge. Vidéo backstage ici.

– – – – –

I like the beige-workaholic-wax-doll-horizontal-blinds-empty-eyes look of those Miles Aldridge photos. Backstage video here.

Found at

31 October 2010

Malene Knudsen on Stockholm Streetstyle

I feel like wearing this today ! So simple. I will just trade the sandals for low boots (it’s not the summer anymore here…).

Found at Stockholm Streetstyle.

31 October 2010

Paintings by Gregory Thielker

Hum… incroyable ! Et oui, ces images sont des peintures de Gregory Thielker. Oil on canvas. J’aime particulièrement le sujet de ces toiles… de l’eau sur du verre (ici… un pare-brise), filtrant de la lumière… D’autant plus impressionnant que ces trois matières sont, à mon sens, des plus difficiles à rendre. C’est moi où il y a un second souffle pour le hyper réalisme depuis quelques années ? L’ultime réaction contre la photo numérique ultra facile ?

– – – – –

Hum… incredible ! And yes, these pictures are paintings of Gregory Thielker. Oil on canvas. I particularly like the subject of these canvas… water on glass (in this case, a windshield), filtering light… Even more impressive because these three subjects are, in my opinion, the hardest to recreate. Is it just me or there’s a new lease for hyper realism in recent years? The ultimate reaction against the ultra-easy digital photo?

Found at booooooom.

31 October 2010


Je suis tombée sur ce site, qui permet de rechercher différemment dans la banque d’images flickr. L’idée est toute simple, mais elle permet vraiment de voir le meilleur de flickr ! Je n’ai jamais vu autant de belles images, de différents photographes, en si peu de clics. Vous pouvez aussi vous connecter avec votre compte et donc vos favoris flickr.

Voici le lien : ffffli*ckr. Enjoy !

– – – – –

I stumbled upon this site, which allows you to search differently in the flickr image database. The idea is very simple, but it really helps to see the best of flickr! I’ve never seen so many beautiful pictures, from different photographers, in so few clicks. You can also log in with your flickr account to start with your favorites.

Here’s the link : ffffli*ckr. Enjoy!

What’s all this then

As much as I like shit talking flickr, there’s a bunch of good photography on there. Unfortunately, finding it is a chore. Unless your idea of art is a painting of a hotrod on velvet, explore is useless. Groups aren’t much better, since they require people to self-promote. The interface for checking them is pretty useless too. Contacts are pretty cool except that it’s impossible to actually find new photographers.

That’s where ffffl*ckr comes in. Use it to find the photography you like using the simple idea that people whose work you like, probably like stuff you’ll like. You start with a set of pictures – if you authenticate, it’ll use 20 of your last 100 favorites – otherwise it’ll start with somebody’s favorites. Click any picture to load more. Don’t like what that person likes? Scroll back and click a different picture you like. It’s that simple.

You have 4 functions in total:

  1. Click the picture to load that photographer’s favorites.
  2. URL opens the picture in a new window or tab.
  3. Click the upper right hand corner to view the image large.
  4. If you’ve authenticated, you can fav pictures straight from the app. Just click the star and you’re good to go. […]
31 October 2010

Pleats Please for Issey Miyake by Taku Satoh

Pleats Please ! Je me rappelle avoir vu cette campagne lors de mon séjour au Japon l’an dernier. Mais je crois que rien ne vaut ces affiches en contexte, au travers d’une foule d’images de vrais sushi et de sushi en plastique…

– – – – –

Pleats Please ! I remember seeing this campaign during my stay in Japan last year. But I think nothing beats these posters in context, through a serie of images of real and plastic sushi…


Charged simply to “freely express the atmosphere” of the colorful Pleats Please Issey Miyake clothing line, Taku Satoh confessed in Graphis Poster Annual 2010 that only one word came to his mind: sushi. And so the designer transformed the symbolic dish of Japanese cuisine into a series of exceptional posters that combine the fashion designers sensibilities with Satoh’s refined touch.


Found at Graphisblog.

30 October 2010

Affichages by Ox

Ox s’approprie les espaces publicitaires urbains en y créant des designs graphiques abstraits ou des illustrations reliées au contexte environnant. J’aime l’idée qu’un simple décor quotidien se transforme légèrement et change pour un instant le regard du passant…

– – – – –

Ox appropriates the advertising space throughout the city by creating abstract graphic designs or illustrations linked to the surrounding context. I like the idea that a simple background of everyday life transforms itself just a little and changes for a moment the look of the passer-by…

Found at It’s Nice That.

30 October 2010

Sumikiri House by y+Mdo

Maison de y+Mdo, bureau japonais qui m’était inconnu jusqu’à aujourd’hui. L’utilisation de parois en treillis métallique est plutôt intéressante, quoi que possiblement aliénant.

– – – – –

A house by y+Mdo, a japanese office unknown to me until today. The use of a metallic grating is quite interesting, but maybe alienating.


A plain-woven iron grating on the façade of the house suspends out of the the missing corner and creates an interesting mix of transparency and privacy.  Although the grating works as a partition, it provide a brightness and a perspective with inside the room where is not large. Sumikiri House achieves a moderate distance and relation between the client and their neighbors. The design of the corner cutoff and plain-woven grating achieves both transparency of perspective visibility and secured privacy in addition efficiently utilizing the narrow lot.

Found at archdaily.

30 October 2010

Casual look by Liz

I feel like wearing this outfit today…

Found at Late Afternoon.

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