Je suis tombée sur ce site, qui permet de rechercher différemment dans la banque d’images flickr. L’idée est toute simple, mais elle permet vraiment de voir le meilleur de flickr ! Je n’ai jamais vu autant de belles images, de différents photographes, en si peu de clics. Vous pouvez aussi vous connecter avec votre compte et donc vos favoris flickr.

Voici le lien : ffffli*ckr. Enjoy !

– – – – –

I stumbled upon this site, which allows you to search differently in the flickr image database. The idea is very simple, but it really helps to see the best of flickr! I’ve never seen so many beautiful pictures, from different photographers, in so few clicks. You can also log in with your flickr account to start with your favorites.

Here’s the link : ffffli*ckr. Enjoy!

What’s all this then

As much as I like shit talking flickr, there’s a bunch of good photography on there. Unfortunately, finding it is a chore. Unless your idea of art is a painting of a hotrod on velvet, explore is useless. Groups aren’t much better, since they require people to self-promote. The interface for checking them is pretty useless too. Contacts are pretty cool except that it’s impossible to actually find new photographers.

That’s where ffffl*ckr comes in. Use it to find the photography you like using the simple idea that people whose work you like, probably like stuff you’ll like. You start with a set of pictures – if you authenticate, it’ll use 20 of your last 100 favorites – otherwise it’ll start with somebody’s favorites. Click any picture to load more. Don’t like what that person likes? Scroll back and click a different picture you like. It’s that simple.

You have 4 functions in total:

  1. Click the picture to load that photographer’s favorites.
  2. URL opens the picture in a new window or tab.
  3. Click the upper right hand corner to view the image large.
  4. If you’ve authenticated, you can fav pictures straight from the app. Just click the star and you’re good to go. […]

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