Pleats Please for Issey Miyake by Taku Satoh

Pleats Please ! Je me rappelle avoir vu cette campagne lors de mon séjour au Japon l’an dernier. Mais je crois que rien ne vaut ces affiches en contexte, au travers d’une foule d’images de vrais sushi et de sushi en plastique…

– – – – –

Pleats Please ! I remember seeing this campaign during my stay in Japan last year. But I think nothing beats these posters in context, through a serie of images of real and plastic sushi…


Charged simply to “freely express the atmosphere” of the colorful Pleats Please Issey Miyake clothing line, Taku Satoh confessed in Graphis Poster Annual 2010 that only one word came to his mind: sushi. And so the designer transformed the symbolic dish of Japanese cuisine into a series of exceptional posters that combine the fashion designers sensibilities with Satoh’s refined touch.


Found at Graphisblog.


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