The American Restaurant by Warren Platner

Oui … encore une vieille image. J’aime cette photo. Le gars à la moustache doit y être pour quelque chose…  The American Restaurant, Kansas City, 1974 par Warren Platner.

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Yes… old stuff again. I love that picture. Maybe it’s only the guy with the mustache… The American Restaurant, Kansas City, 1974 by Warren Platner.

If you’ve ever wondered how we got from the glass boxes, stainless steel furniture, and white walls of the 1950s to the fern bars, wood paneling, and brass of the 1970s, Warren Platner is one answer. The career of the 
Connecticut–based architect and interior designer, who died in 2006 at age 86, spans the late 20th century’s architectural styles, from corporate modernism and sky-high restaurants to postmodern ferries. Not all of his work was good, or even in good taste, but it reveals a smart designer trying to avoid stagnation. Even when Platner went over the top (those dangling golden handkerchiefs at the Pan Am Building—now the MetLife Building—as part of a renovation in 1986 come to mind), there was always a clear architectural idea behind the glittering decoration. […]
As his contemporaries climbed the architectural ladder toward the skyscraper, Platner held faith with Loewy’s lesson and rarely seemed interested in building bigger. “It is lacking to ignore interiors,” he said, “because after all, what’s the building for?” […]
Found at Dwell.

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