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29 December 2010

Rapidprototypedshoe by Marloes ten Bhömer

Dutch shoe designer Marloes ten Bhömer has created a pair of 3D-printed shoes that can be individually made to fit perfectly. Currently on show at the Design Museum Holon in Israel, the Rapidprototypedshoe is modelled on a computer and produced using a 3D printer that layers two different materials in microscopic structures.

Found at dezeen.

29 December 2010

Snow Blind by Matthias Heiderich

Voici quelques images choisies de la nouvelle série de photos Snow Blind du photographe berlinois Matthias Heiderich. Cliquez sur le lien pour voir d’autres de ses séries sur Berlin.

– – – – –

Here are some of my favorites pictures of the new serie Snow Blind from the Berlin photographer Matthias Heiderich. Click on the link to see his others series about Berlin.

29 December 2010

Aichinger House by Hertl Architekten

For Hertl Architekten the challenge was to renovate one of the buildings and to expand it to two flats. The first floor and the cellar can be reached by an outdoor stairway made of concrete while the existing roof was removed. The most ingreaguing element of the project is the light grey curtain covering the external walls: a decorative object, normally used indoor, is building a fascinating facade.

© Kurt Hoerbst

Found at Abitare.

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27 December 2010

Tiny landscape by Yukihiro Kaneuchi

Japanese designer and artist Yukihiro Kaneuchi has created a tiny landscape in a coffee cup.

This cup was created using the concept that as we grow and age and relationships are formed over time through interactions with others. Thus, as you drink your coffee over time, a tiny landscape appears from the coffee stain, evoking the same idea that a relationship develops and emerges over time with this object.

Found at Design Milk.

23 December 2010

Back in 2011 !

De retour en janvier 2011, joyeuses fêtes à tous !

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Back in January 2011, happy holidays !

By Roel Wouters.

Found at It’s Nice That.

20 December 2010

Gemma Ward by Corinne Day for Vogue

So, let’s pretend we’re in Australia, it’s a hot hot day, and all we have to do is to loaf around… on a white sandy beach… Some inspiration for the lucky ones who are going to the south side this winter… ! Watermelon ? Vogue, July 2006.

– – – – –

Donc, supposons que nous sommes en Australie, il fait beau et chaud, et tout ce que nous avons à faire, c’est flâner… sur une plage de sable blanc… Un peu d’inspiration pour les chanceux qui vont au sud cet hiver … ! Melon d’eau ? Vogue, juillet 2006.

Found at hey crazy.

20 December 2010

Animal Regulation by Liu Di

By Liu Di.

Found at MoCo LoCo.

20 December 2010

Posters remakes by Olly Moss

Quelques super posters par Olly Moss. J’adore sa façon de reprendre des images connues et de les rendre plus iconiques que jamais… avec une signature graphique retro futuristique superbe. Sa dernière série est sur sa vision de la trilogie Star Wars. Allez faire un tour sur son site web ou son blog, ça vaut le coup d’oeil…

– – – – –

Some super nice posters by Olly Moss. I love his way of taking familiar images and make them more iconic than ever … with a graphic signature retro futuristic superb. His lastest serie is on his vision of the Star Wars triology. Make sure you check out his website or his blog… there’s a lot of great stuff there.

Found at bumbumbum.

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