Embedded Project by HHD_FUN

A very well executed project in China, by HHD_FUN.

This temporary, interactive installation was based on the concept of ‘complex systems’ which can observe, perceive and research our living world, society and biology.

[…] The faces of the box were designed using a recursion algorithm, based upon a triangular fractal pattern.  Each triangle is sub-divided or ‘cracked’ again and again to create smaller and smaller triangles and a denser pattern.  At each stage, two out of the three segments are cracked, so that one large segment remains intact to create variation in scale across the surface.  At each cracking, the new triangles are raised, perpendicularly by 12cm to create the three-dimensional, surface pattern on the faces of the installation.

[…] Connecting the logic of the algorithm and its execution process with physical architecture can generate unexpected results. To visualize these results, the generated digital data (the three-dimensional architectural models) are embedded into the Google Earth projections.  Hence the installation design is virtually-embedded within its own physical, architectural manifestation.

Via Architizer.


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