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19 February 2011

Markus Hofer artworks

By Markus Hofer artworks.

Via Arcademi.

19 February 2011

Ebi by yHa architects

A simple concept for this slim tower of Tokyo, by yHa architects. All white… so japanese… I know ! but I love the façade and the proportions. Photos by Takeshi Yamagishi.

Via ArchDaily.

19 February 2011

Girls in the Windows by Ormond Gigli, New York, 1960

A well known picture took by Ormond Gigli in 1960. Long time no see. Love it !

In 1960, while a construction crew dismantled a row of brownstones right across from my own brownstone studio on East 58th Street, I was inspired to, somehow immortalize those buildings. I had the vision of 43 women in formal dress adorning the windows of the skeletal facade. […] Most professional photographers dream of having one signature picture they are known for. “Girls in the Windows” is mine.

Via pasteled.

19 February 2011

Bench Chair by Thomas Schnur

By Thomas Schnur.

Bench Chair clearly takes its inspiration from the famous Monobloc Chair but puts the associations that any chair evokes into a new context. Its curved shape is contorted into a voluminous body, thereby creating an abstract space,  such that observers are confronted with a transformed hybrid. It is as simple to manufacture as the monobloc: a rotational molding process means that Bench Chair can be serially produced.


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