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31 May 2011

Kate Moss for Vogue Brazil by Mario Testino – May 2011


Via Fashion Gone Rogue.

31 May 2011

Lemonbow Downloadable Personalizable Swimwear by Ellis Droog and Romy van den Broek

Designers Ellis Droog and Romy van den Broek in collaboration with Medialab Waag Society have teamed up to create a line of swimwear made without using thread and needle, instead they’re exploring new digital production techniques. Says Lemonbow, “Digital fabrication techniques, such as 3D printing and laser cutting, are irrevocably changing the design, distribution and production processes as we know them. We can download designs, alter them and produce personalized products at the push of a button.”

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31 May 2011

Village of 100 people by Toby Ng Design

On the theme “If the world were a village of 100 people”… Simple graphics pointing realities we sadly often forget. By Toby Ng Design.

More on Fubiz.

31 May 2011

American Pixels by Jörg M. Colberg

“American Pixels” series is a pixel experiment created by Jörg M. Colberg in 2009 – 2010. “Image formats like jpeg (or gif) use compression algorithms to save space, while trying to retain a large fraction of the original information. A computer that creates a jpeg does not know anything about the contents of the image: It does what it is told, in a uniform manner across the image.”

“My idea was to create a variant that followed in the footsteps of what jpegs do, but to have the final result depend on the original image: in a very direct way the computer algorithm becomes part of the image creation. The idea was to build a hierarchical compression algorithm, where the compression – in effect the pixel size – depends on the information in each uncompressed pixel and its neighbours. So adaptive compression (acomp) is a new image algorithm where the focus is not on making its compression efficient but, rather, on making its result interesting. Another, slightly simplified way to think about this is to say that the algorithm leaves detail where needed (or desired), and compresses all the other areas.”
As computer technology has evolved to make artificial images look ever more real – so that the latest generation of shooter and war games will look as realistic as possible – acomp is intended to go the opposite way: Instead of creating an image artificially with the intent of making it look as photo-realistic as possible, it takes an image captured from life and transforms it into something that looks real and not real at the same time. What is more, it produces images that have spatial depth: as you zoom in you can see more and more details. acomps are designed for a wall: The viewer has to be able to walk back and forth in front of them.
I used to call this algorithm adaptive jpeg (ajpeg), but unfortunately that is just confusing: acomp is not a varient of jpeg, it is a unique, different compression algorithm.” – Jörg M. Colberg.

Via triangulation blog.

24 May 2011

Herb by Nick Fraser

I just do my garden, this may be the reason why I like these pots that much… I’m in love with veggies, plants and herbs right now ! Don’t you think that this basil look good in this pot ?

London designer Nick Fraser presents these faceted terracotta plant pots at Clerkenwell Design Week in London this week.

Via dezeen.

24 May 2011

Battles’ new video Ice Cream by Canada

Ice-Cream is no ordinary music video, but then Battles are no ordinary band, and it would seem that directors ‘Canada’ are no ordinary film directors. The content of the five minute parade ranges from over-sized ice-creams, girls licking stuff they shouldn’t, cheescake, ice-cream fights, karate, stripes, bubblegum and for some reason it all fits together as if found in the same brightly coloured box in a rainbow garage. The whole thing feels like a dream I’ve been trying to have my whole life and I urge you to drift away with me.

Via It’s Nice That.

19 May 2011

Perfect Vacuum by Jeremy Geddes

This super hyper-realistic painting was done by Australian artist, Jeremy Geddes. It’s called Perfect Vacuum. Check out his website for more photo realistic art and info on buying prints.

Via the chive. Merci PA !

17 May 2011

Metronomy’s She Wants by Jul & Mat

I think I’m the number one fan of Metronomy and their music videos… So here’s another one, from their new album English Riviera.

Bonus… Binalogue did this ad for Canal Isabel II, the company in charge of Madrid’s water supply, using a Metronomy loop. I love axonometries… It looks a lot like Royksopp video Remind Me, well done.

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