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31 July 2011

Stuff by Thomas Pavitte

Some interesting “stuff” made by Thomas Pavitte. I particularly like his tributes using blu tack and matches, his “unofficial world record for the most complex dot-to-dot drawing” (Mona Lisa) and his contour bowl.

Tribute 1: Alan Holloway. 37 packets of Blu Tack. 2.775 Kilograms and $88.80 all up.

Tribute 2: John Walker. 100 x 100 = 10,000 matches. 223 boxes of matchsticks containing 45 matchsticks in each. 87 cents per box of 10. Total price: just over $19.

Mona Lisa: 6,239 dot-to-dot drawing. An unofficial world record for the most complex dot-to-dot drawing. 9 hours to connect the dots.

Laser Cut Contour Bowl. Laser Cut plywood assembled to create a contour bowl. 

Via Colossal.

28 July 2011

Capriole by Iris Van Herpen

It’s not my first post about this fashion designer, Iris Van Herpen… Many of her dresses are 3d printed. I appreciate a lot her work, very unique, architectural and super delicate. A master work of Haute Couture.

Via yatzer.

27 July 2011

Selected by Mike Guppy

Selected is a series of animated gifs where Mike Guppy replaced the main character with an marching ants outline. His version of the Mona Lisa is a response to Replaced Mona Lisa by Mike Ruiz.

Via today and tomorrow.

26 July 2011

Souffle by HoldUp

By HoldUp (Guillaume Jounet Lacoste, Remy Bardin) for the FAV 2011.

After a fortuitous sky fall, SOUFFLE landed within Trésoriers de France’s courtyard. The impact between that alien object and the “exhibition space” broke the local stability and equilibrium. Any person suited to tame the installation will be granted a privileged access to a refuge within, half way between a confessional booth and a teleportation box.

The visitor, barefoot, wanders through a peaceful garden, where an oversized rock penetrated. Walking around, she/he eventually discovers a fault through which sneaking in the block itself seems likely.


Surprisingly, the inner atmosphere is far less hostile than expected. After making her/himself comfortable, the intruder shortly notices that any single vibration triggers an interaction with the structure. If fancied, she/he is given the chance to take control of the atmospheric elements projected on the ceiling.


Via Archdaily. Bravo !

25 July 2011

Zip Tie Massimal

Design Office Takebayashi Scroggin made this massimal with 20,000 zip ties.

Massimals are 1:1 design objects that serve as prototypes to examine how physical form can engage the public realm. These constructs are mass abstractions of animal forms fabricated in systematic fashion from one material. The suggestive forms and their specific arrangement imply docile behavior similar to animals in a petting zoo augmenting the way visitors approach and engage built form.

Via today and tomorrow.



24 July 2011

Stockholm Streetstyle inspiration look : leopard detail

Fresh face / fresh look.

Via Stockholm Streetstyle.

24 July 2011

Mega pixel paintings classics by ixxi


Girl with the pearl earring and Van Gogh self portrait by ixxi.

From ixxi, a modular connecting system combined with printed cards that can be customized and used as a wall decoration or room divider.


Via Moco Loco et ixxi.





24 July 2011

3d Haute Couture by Winde Rienstra

Wow. I absolutely LOVE that. By Winde Rienstra.

Via and Moco Loco.

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