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3 August 2011

Fluid Typeface by Skyrill

The Fluid Typeface is a result of some seriously awesome 3D work by the creatives brothers fromSkyrill.

Via bumbumbum.

3 August 2011

NonLin/Lin Pavilion by Marc Fornes of THEVERYMANY

French architect Marc Fornes of THEVERYMANY has completed a perforated aluminium pavilion that resembles a giant piece of coral. The NonLin/Lin Pavilion has a computer-generated form composed of tubes and donut shapes. Assembled from 27 components, the four metre-high structure can be taken apart and reassembled in different locations. Over 155,000 asterisk-shaped perforations of different sizes create a pattern on the surface of the pavilion. NonLin/Lin Pavilion now forms part of the permanent collection at the FRAC Centre in Orleans, France.

Photographies by Francois Lauginie.

Via dezeen.

3 August 2011

Summadayze Colourfornia 2012

Du déjà vu me direz vous… oui mais on aime toujours des slows motions et des éclaboussures de couleurs, non ? Sony Bravia, sans la démesure.

Une excellente vidéo en technique slow-motion grâce à la Phantom HD pour la campagne du festival Summadayze Colourfornia. Une direction artistique par le réalisateur Nick Thompson, sur la bande son et le titre “Calvin Harris – Colours”.

– – – – –

Déjà vu you might say … yes, but don’t we still love slow motion movies and splashes of color ? Sony Bravia, without the excessiveness. For Summadayze Colourfornia festival, using Phantom HD, directed by Nick Thompson, music : Calvin Harris – Colours.

Via Fubiz.

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