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24 September 2011

3d textile by Alba Prat

I’m quite impressed with the 3D textile textures in Alba Prat her designs.

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20 September 2011

Sweet looks of the day

Via Stockholm Streetstyle.

Via The Sartorialist.

Via Fashion Gone Rogue.

20 September 2011

Marble New York City by Yukata Sone

Artist Yukata Sone turned a village of Chinese artisans into urban topographers carving New York City out of marble.

On display at David Zwirner gallery in Chelsea.

Via The Architect’s Newspaper.

20 September 2011

Mobius Slingback Hi by United Nude

I’m still in love with the United Nude shoes. Their sandals make me nostalgic of the lovely summer we just had.

United Nude’s Möbius line launched the United Nude brand. Ever since, it has become an icon in the world of design. The style was born from a conceptual development of the Möbius strip, which has a single band forming the sole, heel, foot-bed and upper of the shoe.



20 September 2011

3d Weaving by Lexus

Those technologies fascinate me… Look at the video of this giant 3d loom, created by Lexus to weave tubes of carbon fibers.

We had to invent a loom, a special type of weaving machine that didn’t exist before. It’s a circular loom. It’s maybe 2 meters across, about 6 feet across. It is able to weave, not a flat piece of fabric, but produces a circular weave that comes out of the end of the loom. And it has just the right thickness and just the right amount of carbon fiber threads at every point to give us all of the structural properties we need for that part of the LFA.


via solidsmack.

12 September 2011

NOW by Doug Aitken

NOW (#2 mirror) by Doug Aitken.

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8 September 2011

Eternity by Alicia Eggert

Eternity is a collaboration between Alicia Eggert and Mike Fleming. They mounted 30 clocks on a large sheet of white acrylic and aligned the 36 hours and minutes hands is such a way that they spell ETERNITY. Every 12 hours you can read the word. I’ve posted similar projects before, I just really like them. Make sure to check Alicia’s other project called Wonder.

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8 September 2011

The Golden Mistake by Erica Dorn

Erica Dorn made some solid gold versions of the  and Z  keyboard keys a.k.a. the “mistake” keys. They’re the ones we are constantly pressing to go back in time. These are still designed for the old apple keyboards but she said that she will update them.

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