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28 November 2011

Io Donna magazine editorial – 26.11.2011

Love this styling ! Pattern suits !



Via fashion squad.

25 November 2011

Phanion new collection by Daniele Proulx

Wonderful. I love those fur and wool scarves made by hand in Montreal by Phanion (Daniele Proulx). Here’s the new collection and the pictures of the new website. Superb photo shooting.

– – – – –

Merveilleux. J’adore ces écharpes en fourrure et en laine faite à la main à Montréal par Phanion (Daniele Proulx). Voici la nouvelle collection et les photos du nouveau site web. Superbe shooting photo.

Merci Daniele !

23 November 2011

Cherry Trees by Tom Price

British designer Tom Price has made an enchanted grove of cherry trees out of plastic tubes and cable ties. The slender cherry trees occupied an entire room at Industry Gallery in Washington D.C last month, casting delicate shadows on the surrounding walls.







Via dezeen.

22 November 2011

Play by Jessica Lichtenstein at gallery nine5

Lichtenstein explores the relationship between materialism and sexuality through the recontextualization of popular Japanese erotic imagery.

Fascinated by the mass‐production and fetishism of hyper‐sexualized Japanese figurines, Lichtenstein juxtaposes mass produced anime dolls and pornographic comic book characters in ironic situations in order to imbue them with new associations and richer meanings. Lichtenstein challenges her audience to engage with and question the function of these images from a Western perspective; to weigh how much of the images’ sexuality is ascribed by the spectator.

Love the chair !


Via gallery nine5.

14 November 2011

The lemons by Doina Ciobanu

Love it.


14 November 2011

Sarpi Border Checkpoint by J. Mayer H.

Shit happens.

I don’t want to be impolite, but that’s the first thing I though when I saw the pictures of the new Sarpi Border Chekpoint building in Turkey by J. Mayer H.. Seriously, I loved the Metropol Parasol project… but this one is totally out of my scope. What’s the concept ? A morphing barbapapa sculpture of parapets and balconies ? A retro wavy post modern trip ? It looks more like the caricature of the architect’s curvy signature.


Via dezeen.

9 November 2011

Dollar Note by Robert Gligorov

Dollar Note by Robert Gligorov: 2 white vertical pianos standing back to back, with a birdcage on top. When the birds jump from one perch to an other perch, the pianos play a note.

Via today and tomorrow.

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