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26 March 2012

A 22nd of march in Montreal by Bill Kesr Films

On March 22, 2012, Montreal saw the largest protest rally of its history. On that day, over 200,000 people took to the streets. First a student movement seeking to protest against a 75% hike in tuition fees, the movement grew and became a true social movement, questioning how truly accessible knowledge is in North American societies.

Despite this historic gathering, Quebec’s government still refuses to open a dialogue. Without dialogue, there is no democracy.

Together, we can create change.

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Le 22 mars 2012, Montréal a connu le plus grand rassemblement de protestation de son histoire. Ce jour-là, plus de 200 000 personnes sont descendues dans les rues. D’abord un mouvement étudiant visant la protestation contre une hausse de 75% des frais de scolarité, le mouvement a grandi et est devenu un véritable mouvement social, questionnant largement l’accessibilité au savoir dans les sociétés nord-américaines.

En dépit de cette rencontre historique, le gouvernement du Québec refuse toujours d’ouvrir un dialogue. Sans dialogue, il n’y a pas de démocratie.

Ensemble, nous pouvons changer les choses.

Via Think Outside the Box.

Music/musique : “Dan Dan”, Misteur Valaire

Here is also a time lapse video of the protest, via Journal de Montréal. / Vous trouverez aussi sur le site du Journal de Montréal un vidéo de la manifestation en accéléré.

25 March 2012

Drawing Apparatus by Robert Howsare

Feeling uninspired? Why not break out the turntables, dust off those records, and create some optically dazzling elliptical renderings? Designer Robert Howsare has paved the way with his Drawing Apparatus, a homespun automaton consisting of two record players attached with wooden arms that join together to ink fantastic designs on paper. As Arbitare explained, “according to the variable length of the arm or the speed of the chosen record, the object ‘bleeds’ different patterns.”

Via Architizer.

25 March 2012

Kimbra – Settle Down (Spotify House, 2012)

Love it. She rocks.

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22 March 2012

City Hall Harelbeke by Dehullu & Partners

This asymmetric white building bridges the two existing halves of a town hall in the Belgian municipality of Harelbeke. Local architects Dehullu & Partners designed the structure to provide an entrance reception for the hall, as well as new meeting rooms and a tourist information centre.

Via dezeen.

14 March 2012

News from New York

Here are some pics I took during a recent trip to NYC and Boston… It’s always a pleasure to go back there… Happy wednesday !

8 March 2012

City Portraits by Victor Enrich


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