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19 April 2012

(Hair) looks of the day no.17 :

I want so much the first hairstyle here. Wow. I love braided hair.

She Exists.

4th and bleeker blog.

Karla’s Closet.


15 April 2012

Miniature handmade sculptures by Shay Aaron

Make me laugh ! Miniature handmade sculptures made of clay, by Shay Aaron. Tel Aviv.

Via booooooom.

13 April 2012

Giant Cubebot by David Weeks

Robotic beings rule the world !

Designer David Weeks has teamed up with Belgian design brandQuinze & Milan to present a giant version of his Cubebot toys for New York producers Areaware at MOST in Milan next week.

Via dezeen.

11 April 2012

Looks of the day no.16

Patterns & geometry !

Via Patternity.

Via Fashion Gone Rogue, Regina Feoktistova by Manolo Campion for Elle Mexico April 2012, Kate Moss for Mango Summer 2012 Campaign by Terry Richardson & Katryn Kruger by Craig McDean in Stella McCartney for Interview April 2012.


11 April 2012

Intimacy 2.0 by Studio Roosegaarde

‘INTIMACY 2.0′ by Studio Roosegaarde is high-tech fashion made out of smart e-foil. In response to the heartbeat of each person, ‘INTIMACY 2.0′ becomes more or less transparent.

Via today and tomorrow.

7 April 2012

Drawn Pink by Anne Lindberg

Anne Lindberg’s recent work essentially redefines space using thread.  Bordering the definintion of architecture and sculpture, Lindberg allows color and light to manipulate the hundreds of millimeter-thick strands to create a web – a three-dimensional volume affixed to the architecture.  Each of her pieces is specific to the place in which it is situated, no two identical based on the architecture, its lighting conditions and the space’s use.  The pieces are architectural in so far as they are “contextual and integral to the space”, she says.

Via Archdaily.

7 April 2012

Exploded Flowers by Fong Qi Wei

Because it’s spring.

Via Booooooom.

7 April 2012

Topsy-turvy urban American landscape by Enrico Natali

Sometimes, amongst all the emptiness and minimalism in the world, it’s nice to be given so much in an image that you start to wonder whether what you’re seeing even exists. This is certainly the case for Enrico Natali’s work, the photographer whose passion for image-making was re-awakened when his 15-year-old son introduced him to the digital camera.

Currently showing his work at Joseph Bellows Gallery, California, Natali has a knack for capturing the American landscape in all it’s big, flat busy-ness. Garish billboards, ordinary people and brightly-coloured trucks contrast with dull concrete in such a way that it looks like a copy and paste job – except it’s really not, he’s just really good.

– Rebecca Fulleylove

Via It’s Nice That.

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