Bunad Blankets by Andreas Engesvik

THOSE blankets for Christmas ! It looks a lot like our traditionnal arrowed metis sash.

Oslo designer Andreas Engesvik has created a series of blankets inspired by the textiles of Norwegian folk costumes. Bunader are traditional costumes with roots in rural clothes from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and Andreas Engesvik worked with Norwegian manufacturer Mandal Veveri to make the wool Bunad Blankets. They’re based on motifs from five different regions in Norway: Setesdal, Nordland, Fusa, Bringeklut and Sunnmøre.


 “Mandal Veveri also had the complete recipes for all types Bunads which made it easy for us to be exact,” Engesvik told Dezeen. “All the colours are exactly the same as on the bunads,” he continued. “We did a lot of fine tuning off course, and we had to choose eight colours for every blanket as this is the limit for the Jaquard machine. The bunad is one of the most visible and known traditions in Norwegian cultural heritage; the garment is a significant cultural carrier and is central to the passing on of Norwegian handicraft traditions,” he added.



Andreas Engesvik is an alumni of University of Bergen and the National College of Art and Design Norway. He was co-founder of Norway Says in 2000 and founded his own studio in Oslo in 2009. He has previously featured on Dezeen with his coloured screens in collaboration with Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken.


Via Dezeen.


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