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14 August 2013

Fornasetti wallpaper for Cole & Son

Do you know who is Piero Fornasetti ? If not, take a look here, this guy was a dreaming genius and draw such beautiful things. I love his iconography a lot.

Cole & Son, with the help of Barbara, Fornasetti’s daughter, start to produce splendid wallpapers (for your walls, not your screen…) from his drawings, including this green-leaves-and-gold-keys one that is obsessing me !

Clouds, umbrellas, flying machines and suits of armour are among the motifs in this collection by Italian design house Fornasetti for English wallpaper brand Cole & Son. […]

The motifs are taken from the Fornasetti archive of drawings created by Barnaba’s father, Piero Fornasetti: “I chose things and I mixed them together, and I changed the colour, I changed the dimensions.”






dezeen_Fornasetti-II-Collection-for-Cole-Son_4 (1)

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13 July 2013

Cars and films prints by Jesus Prudencio

Cars and films prints by Jesus Prudencio, capturing the cars stars behind those well known movies. Well done ! You can buy the posters here.

– – – – –

Voici la série Cars and films par Jesus Prudencio, proposant en tête d’affiche les voitures-vedettes des films cultes des dernières décennies. J’adore ! Les posters sont en vente ici.












20 February 2013

Statements by Thomas Lélu


By Thomas Lélu.


thomas_lelu_3 (1)

14 January 2013

Sum Times by Aakash Nihalani

Love the simplistic way of seeing architecture and trash cans. By Aakash Nihalani (his website worth the click !)

– – – – –

J’aime cette façon simpliste de voir l’architecture et les poubelles. Par Aakash Nihalani (son site web vaut le détour).






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8 January 2013

“12c” – 80 animated gifs by Kim Asendorf

A selection of  completely hallucinating animated gifs by Kim Asendorf, entitled “12c”.  Click here to see the 80 other gifs.

– – – – –

Une sélection de quelques gifs animés complètement hallucinants par Kim Asendorf, intitulés “12c”. Cliquez ici pour voir les 80 autres gifs.

12c-9_10_1_19_52 Kopie

12c-9_10_1_30_13 Kopie

12c-9_14_21_33_10 Kopie

12c-9_15_9_49_43 Kopie

12c-9_15_9_56_12 Kopie

12c-9_15_10_7_43 Kopie

12c-9_14_23_6_36 Kopie

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3 January 2013

Bespoke Studio e-newsletters by Studio Newwork

First of all, I hope you had wonderful holidays ! I wish us all a highly creative year, filled with genius ideas, stunning projects and outstanding events !

The first post of the year is about graphic design, great graphic design. Studio Newwork was assigned to make Bespoke Studio e-newsletters, and they chose to make them look just like posters ; a very geometrical approach, that takes the time to find the good proportions, colors, angulations. The result sublimates the beauty of Bespoke Studio images (their website truly worth a visit). You can also see on Studio Newwork website the “behind the scene” graphic work under those punching posters, very meticulous. Love this systematic and neat approach.

Our approach was simply to-thepoint to let them know that Bespoke has been producing strong work. We removed all the unnecessary information, and we used one big, bold image, the photographer’s name and their agency’s name, and Bespoke Studio’s contact info on each e-Newsletter. Dynamic image cropping was one of the technique we used. Original images are great, but we cropped images carefully yet fearlessly. And one of the most important points of these e-Newsletter is to work flawlessly as triptik posters. They should go together well even though the images were shot by different photographers. Another important point is the grid to place design elements where they visually relate to the image. All the design elements are placed and aligned by using perfect square, 2:3 proportion, 90 degrees.

– – – – –

Tout d’abord, j’espère que vous avez passé de merveilleuses vacances ! Je nous souhaite à tous une année hautement créative, remplie d’idées géniales, de projets superbes et d’évènements mémorables !

Le premier post de l’année est à propos du design graphique, du grand design graphique ! Le Studio Newwork a été choisi pour créer l’info-lettre du studio photographique Bespoke et ils ont décidé de présenter ces courriels sous la forme de posters très géométriques, en prenant bien le temps de trouver les proportions exactes, le match de couleur parfait et la position juste de la typographie. Le résultat sublime les images de Bespoke Studio (d’une grande qualité… leur site web vaut le détour). Le site web du Studio Newwork présente également le travail méticuleux derrière ces affiches frappantes. J’aime vraiment leur approche systématique et soignée, le résultat parle par lui-même.








Via It’s Nice That and Studio Newwork.

13 November 2012

Connect the Dots 2013 by Julie Joliat

Do you remember the super Connect the Dots agenda I posted in 2011, by Julie Joliat ? She’s back with two new calendars for this year, a new version of Connect the Dots and a new proposal : Keep on Reading. And this time, I don’t already have my 2013 agenda ! A french version of “Keep on Reading”, would have made the perfect Christmas gift for my mom. Maybe next year ?

After the success of the “Connect the Dots” Agenda in 2011, a second volume with brand new puzzles is now available for those who missed out ! Like the previous one, you will be the artist and shape your diary along the weeks of 2013. More than 50 famous art pieces are waiting to be revealed, including works from Matthew Barney and Rembrandt. In addition it contains a lot of useful information like holidays, world maps, different measure conversions, monthly planners, and a handful of new surprises.


With this one, the year 2013 will be accompanied by sublime stories and tales. Every week will narrate the begining of a famous novel. It is then for you to decide if you want to keep on reading… This Agenda also contains a lot of useful information like holidays, world maps, different measure conversions, monthly planners, and a handful of new surprises.


Via Julie Jolliat.

8 October 2012

the future will be confusing


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