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13 November 2012

Connect the Dots 2013 by Julie Joliat

Do you remember the super Connect the Dots agenda I posted in 2011, by Julie Joliat ? She’s back with two new calendars for this year, a new version of Connect the Dots and a new proposal : Keep on Reading. And this time, I don’t already have my 2013 agenda ! A french version of “Keep on Reading”, would have made the perfect Christmas gift for my mom. Maybe next year ?

After the success of the “Connect the Dots” Agenda in 2011, a second volume with brand new puzzles is now available for those who missed out ! Like the previous one, you will be the artist and shape your diary along the weeks of 2013. More than 50 famous art pieces are waiting to be revealed, including works from Matthew Barney and Rembrandt. In addition it contains a lot of useful information like holidays, world maps, different measure conversions, monthly planners, and a handful of new surprises.


With this one, the year 2013 will be accompanied by sublime stories and tales. Every week will narrate the begining of a famous novel. It is then for you to decide if you want to keep on reading… This Agenda also contains a lot of useful information like holidays, world maps, different measure conversions, monthly planners, and a handful of new surprises.


Via Julie Jolliat.

30 November 2010

Outerland by Allison Davies

Stunning images by Allison Davies.

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27 September 2010

It’s Nice That issue #4

I hope you all know It’s Nice That by now. This Friday, they’ll launch It’s Nice That Issue #4. It’s like the printed version of their website but actually much more. There will be interviews with Nick Knight, Neville Brody, Miranda July, Trokia, RBG6, Noma Bar and Bompas & Parr, features by Sara De Bondt, Adam Buxton, Adrian Shaughnessy, Jez Burrows, Mike Lemanski, Peter Nencini and Micah Lidberg as well as tons of work from the likes of Michael Landy, Rui Teneiro, Peter Grundy and more.
If you pre-order your copy by Thursday evening, you’ll receive a free screenprint by James Jarvis. I’ve already reserved a spot on my bookshelf next to the other 3 issues.
100% recommended by today and tomorrow!

100% recommended as well by bingbangpouf. Click here to see the pre-order video.

Found at todayandtomorrow.

27 September 2010

Elephant Magazine no 4 – out now

Elephant is a relatively new publication (winter 2009) from the team of Frame (interior design) and Mark (architecture), with this time a focus on contemporary art, graphism and design (visual culture, as they say). The magazine is divided into five parts: meetings, research, studio visits, economies and cities.

To see the first pages :

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19 September 2010

Fresh Meat journal

Fresh Meat is the autonomous, not-for-profit student publication of the University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Architecture. Founded in Fall 2008 by graduate architecture students, the publication, and its associated events, are vehicles for encouraging multiple strands of dialogue throughout the school – among students, between students and faculty, and between the school and outside voices. We curate conversations to tell a story about the role of architecture in today’s world. We make them available for you to do with as you please: to think on, to talk about, to design with. Feel free to take them and run, mis-read and butcher. After all, they are only ideas…

Click here to see the journal online.

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