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5 February 2011

3D printed Escapism couture collection by Iris van Herpen for .MGX

For Escapism, her spring/ summer 2011 collection, [Iris van Herpen] partnered with the 3-D printing service i.materialise to generate thousands of strips of plastic, each cut using a selective laser sintering machine. The strips were then arranged into clothing, according to designs van Herpen created digitally. None of these forms would’ve been possible — not the armor-like tulip skirt nor the ostentatious epaulets that put the French Republican Guard to shame — without rapid-prototyping technology. […]

Via Co.Design.

29 November 2010

Microclimates by PostlerFergusson

Un concept d’unités de refroidissement constituées de sable imprimé en 3d, par PostlerFerguson.

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A cooling units concept made of 3d-printed sand, by PostlerFerguson.

Called Microclimates, the pods would be printed layer by layer on a large rapid-prototyping machine using locally sourced sand and a magnesium binging agent. Water evaporating from the porous material would lower the temperature of the sand, in turn cooling the air as it flows through each pod. A complex internal structure would create a large surface area for this heat exchange to take place efficiently.

Found at dezeen.

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