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8 January 2013

“12c” – 80 animated gifs by Kim Asendorf

A selection of  completely hallucinating animated gifs by Kim Asendorf, entitled “12c”.  Click here to see the 80 other gifs.

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Une sélection de quelques gifs animés complètement hallucinants par Kim Asendorf, intitulés “12c”. Cliquez ici pour voir les 80 autres gifs.

12c-9_10_1_19_52 Kopie

12c-9_10_1_30_13 Kopie

12c-9_14_21_33_10 Kopie

12c-9_15_9_49_43 Kopie

12c-9_15_9_56_12 Kopie

12c-9_15_10_7_43 Kopie

12c-9_14_23_6_36 Kopie

Via today and tomorrow.

27 July 2011

Selected by Mike Guppy

Selected is a series of animated gifs where Mike Guppy replaced the main character with an marching ants outline. His version of the Mona Lisa is a response to Replaced Mona Lisa by Mike Ruiz.

Via today and tomorrow.

16 May 2011

Animated gif – ladies portraits

Via 808. Originally posted by sluttypus.

12 May 2011

Waterfall gif by cnide

Via 808. By cnide.

7 February 2011

Chanel Le Vernis gif

I don’t know who made this but I love it !

Via 808.

9 January 2011

Megabytes Of Spring by Reed+Rader

By Reed+Rader for

Found at today and tomorrow.


4 December 2010

Animated gifs posted by 808

As serie of animated gifs recently posted on the 808 blog.

22 September 2010

Story to be told by M.I.A.

Remember that post about the last video of M.I.A., XXXO ? She just buy an url for her new clip : and strike again with the internet style featuring all across her new album, /\/\ /\ Y /\. It looks like a continuous flow of internet detritus, dotted with some “what’s the word?” catcha boxes pop-up. The song is not very good… but the scrappy video artwork worth the click.

Found at today and tomorrow.

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