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31 August 2010

Tiny Little Chairs necklaces by Bruxe Design

What a nice idea… ! I would love to wear a Eames chair !… I met the guys (the two brothers of Bruxe Design) who make these necklaces last week end. I love their work and their attitude towards design… The necklaces are made in collaboration with Uranium.

Tiny Little Chairs is a series of collectable pendants celebrating mid century design. Each pendant repre- sents a vintage chair which revolutionized furniture production and the design process. The designers of this era have forever changed the way we interact with design objects and their harmony within of our home, office and environment. These miniatures allow you to wear your love and appreciation for these pioneering designers and their iconic objects which continue to be benchmarks for today’s designers.

The first series consists of five chairs, The Scoop Chair, The Pavilion Chair, The Dining Chair, The Work Chair offered in solid gold, silver and bronze.

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