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3 July 2013

Bird rib serie by Maurizio Bongiovanni

Ça fait un bail que j’ai blogué quelque-chose ici… On a même eu le temps dans l’intervalle de faire une overdose de “Get Lucky”. Aucune bonne raison, excepté que le printemps fût intense. Me voilà de retour !

Alors… quoi de mieux pour commencer l’été sur bingbangpouf que des oiseaux qui coulent ? Par Maurizio Bongiovanni.

– – – – –

It’s been a while since I blogged something here… We even had time in between to overdose on “Get Lucky” single. No good reasons, except that it was a very charged spring. But I’m back !

So… what’s better that dripping birds to start the summer on bingbangpouf blog ? By Maurizio Bongiovanni.








3 January 2013

Bespoke Studio e-newsletters by Studio Newwork

First of all, I hope you had wonderful holidays ! I wish us all a highly creative year, filled with genius ideas, stunning projects and outstanding events !

The first post of the year is about graphic design, great graphic design. Studio Newwork was assigned to make Bespoke Studio e-newsletters, and they chose to make them look just like posters ; a very geometrical approach, that takes the time to find the good proportions, colors, angulations. The result sublimates the beauty of Bespoke Studio images (their website truly worth a visit). You can also see on Studio Newwork website the “behind the scene” graphic work under those punching posters, very meticulous. Love this systematic and neat approach.

Our approach was simply to-thepoint to let them know that Bespoke has been producing strong work. We removed all the unnecessary information, and we used one big, bold image, the photographer’s name and their agency’s name, and Bespoke Studio’s contact info on each e-Newsletter. Dynamic image cropping was one of the technique we used. Original images are great, but we cropped images carefully yet fearlessly. And one of the most important points of these e-Newsletter is to work flawlessly as triptik posters. They should go together well even though the images were shot by different photographers. Another important point is the grid to place design elements where they visually relate to the image. All the design elements are placed and aligned by using perfect square, 2:3 proportion, 90 degrees.

– – – – –

Tout d’abord, j’espère que vous avez passé de merveilleuses vacances ! Je nous souhaite à tous une année hautement créative, remplie d’idées géniales, de projets superbes et d’évènements mémorables !

Le premier post de l’année est à propos du design graphique, du grand design graphique ! Le Studio Newwork a été choisi pour créer l’info-lettre du studio photographique Bespoke et ils ont décidé de présenter ces courriels sous la forme de posters très géométriques, en prenant bien le temps de trouver les proportions exactes, le match de couleur parfait et la position juste de la typographie. Le résultat sublime les images de Bespoke Studio (d’une grande qualité… leur site web vaut le détour). Le site web du Studio Newwork présente également le travail méticuleux derrière ces affiches frappantes. J’aime vraiment leur approche systématique et soignée, le résultat parle par lui-même.








Via It’s Nice That and Studio Newwork.

1 August 2012

The Umbrellas of Águeda

Colorful umbrellas floating up in the sky… It looks like a low cost and more lively version of Monumenta by Daniel Burden at the Paris Grand Palais, isn’t it ?

Photographs of a delightful public art installation in Portugal have recently surfaced. A flock of brightly colored umbrellas float over a shopping street in Águeda, a small Portuguese town along the country’s northwest coastline known for, well, not very much it seems. Almost as little is know about the installation, save for these photographs and brief commentary from flickr user Patrícia Almeida. Regardless of its provenance, the work is lively enough to inspire interludes of song and dance (or pantomime) that color the iconic 1964 film “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”. Here, the cheerful formation of parasols is  is suspended in mid-air, bathing the promenade in their colorful glow, while casting an array of octagonal shadows to shade pedestrians from the hot summer sun.

Unknown artist…

Via Architizer.

23 May 2012

Fashion collages by Ina Jang, in Jalouse

Absolutely love these collages.

Ina Jang for Jalouse, April 2012. Via NastyGal.

13 April 2012

Giant Cubebot by David Weeks

Robotic beings rule the world !

Designer David Weeks has teamed up with Belgian design brandQuinze & Milan to present a giant version of his Cubebot toys for New York producers Areaware at MOST in Milan next week.

Via dezeen.

7 April 2012

Drawn Pink by Anne Lindberg

Anne Lindberg’s recent work essentially redefines space using thread.  Bordering the definintion of architecture and sculpture, Lindberg allows color and light to manipulate the hundreds of millimeter-thick strands to create a web – a three-dimensional volume affixed to the architecture.  Each of her pieces is specific to the place in which it is situated, no two identical based on the architecture, its lighting conditions and the space’s use.  The pieces are architectural in so far as they are “contextual and integral to the space”, she says.

Via Archdaily.

7 April 2012

Topsy-turvy urban American landscape by Enrico Natali

Sometimes, amongst all the emptiness and minimalism in the world, it’s nice to be given so much in an image that you start to wonder whether what you’re seeing even exists. This is certainly the case for Enrico Natali’s work, the photographer whose passion for image-making was re-awakened when his 15-year-old son introduced him to the digital camera.

Currently showing his work at Joseph Bellows Gallery, California, Natali has a knack for capturing the American landscape in all it’s big, flat busy-ness. Garish billboards, ordinary people and brightly-coloured trucks contrast with dull concrete in such a way that it looks like a copy and paste job – except it’s really not, he’s just really good.

– Rebecca Fulleylove

Via It’s Nice That.

26 February 2012

Looks of the day no.14


Via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Via It’s Nice That.

Jessica Stam for Saks Fith Avenue, via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Via because i’m addicted.

Kate Moss for Mango via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Gertrud Hegelund for Part Two via Fashion Gone Rogue.



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