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8 January 2013

“12c” – 80 animated gifs by Kim Asendorf

A selection of  completely hallucinating animated gifs by Kim Asendorf, entitled “12c”.  Click here to see the 80 other gifs.

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Une sélection de quelques gifs animés complètement hallucinants par Kim Asendorf, intitulés “12c”. Cliquez ici pour voir les 80 autres gifs.

12c-9_10_1_19_52 Kopie

12c-9_10_1_30_13 Kopie

12c-9_14_21_33_10 Kopie

12c-9_15_9_49_43 Kopie

12c-9_15_9_56_12 Kopie

12c-9_15_10_7_43 Kopie

12c-9_14_23_6_36 Kopie

Via today and tomorrow.

9 January 2011

Megabytes Of Spring by Reed+Rader

By Reed+Rader for

Found at today and tomorrow.


4 December 2010

Animated gifs posted by 808

As serie of animated gifs recently posted on the 808 blog.

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