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11 January 2013

Chloe pre-fall 2013

Woah. Some pre-fall 2013 lookbooks are stunning this year ! Here is the new Chloé collection… Amazing “constellation” fabrics, mastered textures, layers and transparencies, faded colors matched with fresh cream whites, dark emerald greens, deep bordeaux and strong blacks… look at this. The dresses and the coats are perfect. Chic and classic, but with a very unique and well mastered touch.

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Woah. Les collections pré-automne sont incroyables cette année ! Voici la nouvelle collection de Chloé… Des tissus “de constellations” riches et denses, une maîtrise des textures et des superpositions, des transparences, des couleurs délavées combinées à des blancs crème frais, des verts émeraude sombres, des bordeaux profonds, des noirs puissants… regardez ça ! Le robes et les manteaux sont parfaits. Chic, classique, mais avec une touche très unique et réfléchie.











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Via Image Amplified.

23 October 2012

Residential Extension by Alison Brooks Architects



A typical brick building overlooking a green courtyard, expanded with unexpected growing volumes offering wide scenic openings. Sleek details.

Alison Brooks Architects has extended a nineteenth century house in north London by adding two tapered volumes that project into the garden. The first volume wraps around the brick walls at the side and rear of the house to create a small office, while the second volume extends out at the back to increase the size of the first floor living room. “The extensions were designed to draw in light from the sky, embrace the garden, and capture a precise view of the massive walnut tree near the house,” explained architect Alison Brooks. The ends of each block are entirely glazed, while the sides are clad in dark grey Corian panels. “Each trapezoidal plane of the scheme is either fully glazed or fully solid, there are no punched windows,” said Brooks. “Both roof and wall planes are one material. This approach creates an architecture without mass and weight. It is more like the folded surfaces of origami.”

Via dezeen.

18 April 2011

Casuality of War by Dorothy

By Dorothy.

Via Cartwheel Galaxy.

5 February 2011

Green House Installation by Kyung Woo Han

This is eye catching… ! Beautiful blue-green ! By Kyung Woo Han.

Via bumbumbum.

4 December 2010

Georgia Frost by Jenny Hands for Karen Magazine

Found at Fashion Gone Rogue.

29 November 2010

RBG by Carnovsky

This is very nice ! I wouldn’t mind having this wallpaper all over my bathroom…

Johannsen Gallery in Berlin present an exhibition of wallpapers by Milanese collective Carnovsky that change under different lighting conditions. The wallpapers, called RGB, feature superimposed imagery printed in red, green, yellow and blue.

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10 October 2010

Abbey Lee Kershaw – Stockholm Street Style

I love these pictures of Abbey Lee Kershaw. Vivid colors and textures.

Found at Stockholm Streetstyle.

9 October 2010

Switch by Yuko Shibata

I really like Yuko Shibata ideas about space maximization. Transformable spaces are not new, but I think that this particular design is working well, unlike some other projects. And we’re going to see more and more of those kind of hyper-spaces… The constant growing of telework adepts, green craze and buildings price is going to push this fad over and over…

Found at dezeen.

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