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11 September 2013

Between Dog and Wolf by Audrey Hays

Stunning pictures. I had to share it here.

Aubrey Hays created the series ‘Between Dog and Wolf’ where she explores our lives taking place in between domesticity and wilderness. Her pictures are shot at sunrise or sunset, when the light wavers in such that a dog on the horizon could perhaps be the lurking shadow of a wolf. Aubrey’s body fits oddly into the surrounding, sometimes she even appears almost invisible, blending with the nature around her. She’s grappling with the uncomfortable, the disquiet, the unknown, she points on our overwhelming need to overcome isolation within these rural spaces. ‘Through the perseverance of remaining within the landscape, sturdiness takes shape as the wolf appears. It is my ever-challenging paradox of intimacy and distance, which draws me to the environment, yet stands in the way of my ever fully anchoring to a place.’













Hays_Aubrey07Via Ignant.

10 September 2013

Lanscapes by Joseph Ford

An interesting serie of photographs, juxtaposing clothing and landscapes seen from above. Quite a strange mix… and then we just don’t know what came before, the picture of the landscape or of the clothing… ?

– – – – –

Une intéressante série de photographies, juxtaposant vêtements et paysages vus du ciel. Drôle de mélange… et voilà qu’on ne sait plus trop ce qui est venu avant, la photo du paysage ou celle du vêtement… ?









Via Fubiz.

14 March 2011

Sea Hyun Lee paintings

Paintings by Sea Hyun Lee.

Via booooooom.

29 January 2011

Layered Landscapes by Nobuhiro Nakanishi

This installation by artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi is amazing. The effect created with layers addition mesmerizes me.

Via bumbumbum.

19 January 2011

Cigarette Ash Landscape by Yang Yongliang

Found at Colossal.

10 January 2011

Photographies by Marco Suarez

By Marco Suarez. You can buy these photos for 50 $ on Etsy.

Found at design*sponge.

30 November 2010

Outerland by Allison Davies

Stunning images by Allison Davies.

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17 September 2010

Aloni by decaArchitecture

This villa by Athens firm decaArchitecture is one of a collection of 24 to be introduced to the Greek island of Antiparos by Athens developers Oliaros. Aloni is one of seven already completed as part of Antiaros Design Properties, a development split over four sites that includes designs from Harry Gugger Studio and Atelier Bow-Wow. This villa has a roof supported on two parallel stone walls with the surrounding terrain continuing over it. The villa is punctuated by four courtyards which provide shelter from the wind and admit natural light.


This project is incredibly well integrated to the landscape… it becomes totaly a part of the site. I love the picture where we can see the courtyard with the ground slope going down in it… beautiful poetic space !

It’s good to know that some developers take as much care as this to integrate a project into a site.

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