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24 May 2011

Battles’ new video Ice Cream by Canada

Ice-Cream is no ordinary music video, but then Battles are no ordinary band, and it would seem that directors ‘Canada’ are no ordinary film directors. The content of the five minute parade ranges from over-sized ice-creams, girls licking stuff they shouldn’t, cheescake, ice-cream fights, karate, stripes, bubblegum and for some reason it all fits together as if found in the same brightly coloured box in a rainbow garage. The whole thing feels like a dream I’ve been trying to have my whole life and I urge you to drift away with me.

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31 March 2011

Metronomy new video The Look by Lorenzo Fonda

Pure joy. It makes no sense, but I love it.

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11 March 2011

Matta video Release the Freq by Kim Holm

Wow. Ce clip est complètement hallucinant ! J’adore le look général, les cerfs, le traitement de l’image, les couleurs, les graphiques… Chapeau. Musique par Matta. Vidéo par Kim Holm.

– – – – –

Wow. This clip is absolutely amazing! I love the overall look, the deers, the image processing, colors, graphics … Wow. Music by Matta.Video by Kim Holm.

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18 February 2011

MTV Hits by Julien Vallée

Thème de l’émission MTV Hits de MTV Network Australia. Dirigé par l’artiste et graphiste Julien Vallée basé à Montréal. Making of ici.

– – – – –

MTV Hits theme for MTV Network Australia. Directed by the artist and graphic designer Julien Vallée, based in Montréal. Making of here.

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18 February 2011

Cut Copy new video – Need you now, by Keith Schofield

Un nouveau vidéoclip pour Cut Copy, qui vient de sortir un nouvel album, Zonoscope, qui explore encore plus profondément les possibilités de la musique des années 80, avec une esthétique totalement décalée. Pour voir le vidéo, cliquez ici. Sports mixtes et superposition médiévales… ? Pourquoi pas… J’aurais aimé être à la réunion de brainstorm de ce clip. Dirigé par Keith Schofield.

– – – – –

A new music video for Cut Copy, who just release a new album, Zonoscope, which explores deeper and deeper the possibilities of the 80’s music, with a totaly shifted aesthetic. To see the video, click here. Mixed sports with a medieval layer… ? Why not … I wish I had the brainstorm meeting of this clip. Directed by Keith Schofield.

Via Fubiz.

7 December 2010

Cast Spells video “Glamorous Glowing” by Behn Fannin

Un nouveau vidéo simple, mais ô combien hypnotisant pour le groupe acoustique-folk Cast Spells. Dirigé par Behn Fannin.

– – – – –

A new simple but hypnotizing video for the acoustic-folk band Cast Spells. Directed by Behn Fannin.

Found at booooooom.

22 November 2010

Sufjan Stevens’ Too Much video

Un mélange tout en effets stroboscopiques et en couleurs vives pour le nouveau vidéo de Sufjan Stevens, Too Much (Asthmatic Kitty Records). Épileptiques s’abstenir. Encore une fois, je n’ai pas pu mettre la main sur le nom du réalisateur. Réalisé par Deborah Johnson. Cliquez ici pour voir le vidéo. Merci à Olivier pour le lien.

– – – – –

A colorful stroboscopic melting pot for the new video of Sufjan Stevens, Too Much (Asthmatic Kitty Records). Epileptic crisis may occur. Once Again I could not find who made it. Directed by Deborah Johnson. Click here to see the video. Thanks to Olivier for the cue.

Found at Pitchfork.

1 November 2010

This too shall pass video by Ok Go !

Un vidéo qui est sorti en mars, mais que j’ai seulement découvert aujourd’hui… Merci mom ! Une réaction en chaîne superbe, avec une belle finale… Ok Go ! This too shall pass. Directeur video : James Frost.

– – – – –

A video that was released in March, but I only found it out today … Thank you mom! A superb chain reaction, with a nice end ! Ok Go ! This too shall pass. Video director : James Frost.

James Frost on the video :

This was a truly collaborative effort of the highest order. The video is an accumulation of several months of extreme dedication and hard work, most notably by the band and Syyn labs. I first became involved last September when OK Go’s Damian Kulash contacted me and asked if I was interested. After meeting up with Damian, Tim and Adam Sadowsky (from Syyn Labs) to have the concept explained, and what they were going to try and achieve, I said, “count me in!” […]

The shoot was a surreal experience, we had three teams of people all after the same common goal – the engineers, the film crew, led by Producer Shirley Moyers (who had the impossible task of holding this thing together), and the band. It was a real collective team spirit led by Damian Kulash and his amazing skill to keep everyone energized and on their toes.

Two days and close to 60 takes later, we had made it to the other side, tired and weary but proud.

Informations found at Adland.

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