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13 March 2011

Ned Vena artworks

Some optical artworks by Ned Vena, mostly made with rubber on linen.

Via VVork.

7 December 2010

Cast Spells video “Glamorous Glowing” by Behn Fannin

Un nouveau vidéo simple, mais ô combien hypnotisant pour le groupe acoustique-folk Cast Spells. Dirigé par Behn Fannin.

– – – – –

A new simple but hypnotizing video for the acoustic-folk band Cast Spells. Directed by Behn Fannin.

Found at booooooom.

29 November 2010

Mechanical “Perspective” by Artem Zigert

Found at Space Invading.

8 November 2010

Installations by Nils Nova

Installations by Nils Nova play with our perception of space.

Found a booooooom.

6 November 2010

Graphic design and geometries by Andy Gilmore

Quelques images sélectionnées sur le site web de Andy Gilmore.

– – – – –

Some artwork selected on the Andy Gilmore’s website.



8 September 2010

Thin Black Lines by Nendo

This chair is crazy…. Optical illusions guaranteed, and falling on the ground might happen.

Found at

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