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3 July 2013

Bird rib serie by Maurizio Bongiovanni

Ça fait un bail que j’ai blogué quelque-chose ici… On a même eu le temps dans l’intervalle de faire une overdose de “Get Lucky”. Aucune bonne raison, excepté que le printemps fût intense. Me voilà de retour !

Alors… quoi de mieux pour commencer l’été sur bingbangpouf que des oiseaux qui coulent ? Par Maurizio Bongiovanni.

– – – – –

It’s been a while since I blogged something here… We even had time in between to overdose on “Get Lucky” single. No good reasons, except that it was a very charged spring. But I’m back !

So… what’s better that dripping birds to start the summer on bingbangpouf blog ? By Maurizio Bongiovanni.








19 May 2011

Perfect Vacuum by Jeremy Geddes

This super hyper-realistic painting was done by Australian artist, Jeremy Geddes. It’s called Perfect Vacuum. Check out his website for more photo realistic art and info on buying prints.

Via the chive. Merci PA !

16 May 2011

Animated gif – ladies portraits

Via 808. Originally posted by sluttypus.

25 March 2011

Over Time by Jonathan Zawada

Wow. I love these paintings so much ! By Jonathan Zawada. I like the HD paint by number effect.

Via bumbumbum.

31 October 2010

Paintings by Gregory Thielker

Hum… incroyable ! Et oui, ces images sont des peintures de Gregory Thielker. Oil on canvas. J’aime particulièrement le sujet de ces toiles… de l’eau sur du verre (ici… un pare-brise), filtrant de la lumière… D’autant plus impressionnant que ces trois matières sont, à mon sens, des plus difficiles à rendre. C’est moi où il y a un second souffle pour le hyper réalisme depuis quelques années ? L’ultime réaction contre la photo numérique ultra facile ?

– – – – –

Hum… incredible ! And yes, these pictures are paintings of Gregory Thielker. Oil on canvas. I particularly like the subject of these canvas… water on glass (in this case, a windshield), filtering light… Even more impressive because these three subjects are, in my opinion, the hardest to recreate. Is it just me or there’s a new lease for hyper realism in recent years? The ultimate reaction against the ultra-easy digital photo?

Found at booooooom.

29 October 2010

Hugo Bergeron

I discover this painter this week, on the walls of Philip’s Lounge in Montreal… I really like the colors and the patterns !

Pictures found at Galerie Graff.

6 October 2010

Skateboard watercolorings by Christopher St. Leger

Maybe it’s the mix of the subject (skateboard) and the medium (watercolor) that make those paintings so appealing… Or maybe it’s the detailing and the vivid realism of the human-in-motion postures… or the effect of asphalt mellowed by watercolor ? Anyway : I like that. By Christopher St. Leger.

The first painting reminds me the beginning of a The Knife video, Heartbeats (directed by Andreas Nilsson).

Found at today and tomorrow.

9 September 2010

Incredible paintings by Alex Roulette

Wow, there’s something mesmerizing about these paintings by Alex Roulette. I particularly like the flash by night effect, and the water on the third image is incroyable.

Found at

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