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2 February 2012

Anatomical Cross-Sections by Lisa Nilsson

Anatomical Cross-Sections Made with Quilled Paper by Lisa Nilsson.

For her Tissue Series, artist Lisa Nilsson constructs anatomical cross sections of the human body using rolled pieces of Japanese mulberry paper, a technique known as quilling or paper filigree. Each piece takes several weeks to assemble and begins with an actual photograph of a lateral or mid-sagittal cross section to which she begins pinning small rolls of paper. Depending on its function she rolls the paper on almost anything small and cylindrical including pins, needles, dowels, and drill bits (she even attempted using some of her husband’s 8mm film editing equipment but to no avail). Lastly she even builds the wooden boxes containing the cross-sections by hand.

Via Colossal.

11 January 2012

Paper Architecture by Ingrid Siliakus

Ever hear of paper architecture? Well if you haven’t, it’s time to take a look at the work of Ingrid Siliakus, whose pop-up models of famous buildings achieve a level of intricacy most CGI programs would struggle to better. No structure is too ambitious for Ingrid to tackle – she’s cut everything from the Sagrada Familia to Manhattan skyscrapers from a single sheet of paper. Simultaneously reminiscent of Mexican festival bunting, childhood fold-out books and, oh wait, nothing we’ve ever seen before. Her work falls in to a small but admirable niche of artists meticulously working to transform the limits of craft materiality.



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1 October 2011

Paper masks by Aleksandar Skoric Sasa

Some paper masks by Aleksandar Skoric Sasa, a bosnian-canadian artist. He makes superb graphic illustrations too and t-shirt prints. Click here to see more. His paper masks truly impress me : they look like photoshop collages, but no, there is just paper, fresh faces and photography here.

12 April 2011

Pablo Lehmann paper artworks

Paper art by Pablo Lehmann.

Via Colossal.

18 February 2011

Flashkus disposable paper thumb drive by Art Lebedev

Here they go again with a new strong design… Flashkus disposable paper thumb drive. I love Art Lebedev !

18 January 2011

Books of Art by Isaac Salazar

Books of Art by Isaac Salazar, a simple idea well executed.

Found at todayandtomorrow.

7 December 2010

Moleskine Mini Planners ad by Rogier Wieland

Found at Fubiz.

4 December 2010

Papercraft Sculpture by Elod Beregszaszi

Et oui, encore des images de sculptures de papier ! J’adore ce médium délicat, ça m’épate toujours de voir ce qu’on peut en faire… Ça ferait de belles cartes de Noël tout ça… Plus sur la gallerie Fubiz. Par Elod Beregszaszi.

– – – – –

Yes… Paper sculptures, again and again ! I love this delicate medium, it always amazes me to see what we can do with it… It would make beautiful Christmas cards… More on Fubiz gallerie. By Elod Beregszaszi.

i guess i am trying to look for a language of folding so with this series i want to cover as many cut & fold variations as i can to maybe find out some of the underlying visual (3D) and pattern (2D) principles.


Found at Fubiz.

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