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24 July 2011

Mega pixel paintings classics by ixxi


Girl with the pearl earring and Van Gogh self portrait by ixxi.

From ixxi, a modular connecting system combined with printed cards that can be customized and used as a wall decoration or room divider.


Via Moco Loco et ixxi.





18 January 2011

Anarchitecture by Olivier Ratsi

Fascinated by graphics and electronic music, the ancient designer of the parties D-club and Automatik of the rex-club in Paris, Olivier Ratsi creates VJ Emovie in the 2000s to express his competences in video animation on electronic music.
Now Olivier is an active member of visual label AntiVJ since 2007, with whom he collaborates on various projects around audiovisual representation. His personal work is the WYSI*not*WYG project.

Found at Triangulation Blog.

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6 November 2010

Graphic design and geometries by Andy Gilmore

Quelques images sélectionnées sur le site web de Andy Gilmore.

– – – – –

Some artwork selected on the Andy Gilmore’s website.



29 October 2010

Various artworks by Trevor Burks

By Trevor Burks.

GOOD Guide

Skateboarding Mythologies

Treat Patterns

Lick Mural

Found at It’s Nice That.

22 August 2010

Rafaël Rozendaal websites

Here are some new websites (2010) by Rafaël Rozendaal. The second one might be tricky for epileptic people.

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